Welcome to the 6th Annual TaDa! Performing Arts festival!

Artistic Director: Andrea Rowe

The Eulogy (2015)

​Written, directed and performed by: Michael Burgos

An absurd, theatrical parody of a funeral speech, The Eulogy features a menagerie of characters whose inept and inapt speeches give anything but a proper homage. The only tears at this funeral will be from laughing! Performed in 25 cities across 11 time zones, Burgos’ internationally award-winning play recently celebrated its 165th performance.

(for audiences 12+/60 min/ English)


Outstanding Performance, San Diego Fringe, 2018
Outstanding Actor – Comedy, San Diego Fringe, 2018
Patron’s Choice Award, PortFringe, Portland, Maine, 2017
Critics’ Choice Award, PortFringe, 2017
Best Comedy, Adelaide Fringe, Australia, 2016
Best Show, Pittsburgh Fringe, 2016
Critics Choice Award, Atlanta Fringe, 2016
Quirky Award, IndyFringe, Indianapolis, 2015


Michael Burgos expertly uses pantomime, character voices, and music to bring this parody far beyond [logic] and into the realm of absurdity. […] Every motion demands our attention. […] Using his superior comedic timing, Burgos uses the “less is more” approach to build into an enthralling conclusion. […] The Eulogy is not only a singularly entertaining and cathartic experience; it leaves us feeling slightly bewildered, yet happy to be alive. Burgos’ character may not have done any favors for his dead friend, but any one of us would be lucky to have such a spectacular sendoff.
Edge Media Network

“Do not drink anything during this show, as you will likely spit it out on your fellow patrons from laughing hysterically. Also, make sure you visit the restroom before the performance as you may need to avail yourself of it during the show … Funny is too weak a word to describe this show. In fact, there are no words to tell you how wonderful it is. I do warn you that it is entirely possible you could hurt yourself laughing at this, but your pain would be worth every second of delight you experience.”
Plays with John & Wendy

“There comes a time when a critic knows they have witnessed the next big thing … the moment I realized that this play was the beginning of a comedic cult classic was at the very end. No one wanted to leave. We sat there, looking around at one another, wondering what had just happened to us. Michael Burgos happened to us. And we want more … the play is as hilarious as it is genius … Equal parts masterfully executed and brilliantly conceived, Michael Burgos’ The Eulogy can only be described as a triumph.”
Washington City Paper

The Eulogy has received a string of awards and rave reviews from Fringe Festivals all over, and it’s about to receive another one. The word “monologue” is much too staid for Michael Burgos’s take on the idea of the funeral eulogy: he tips it on its head, ties it into knots, and sets it spinning in an avalanche of weird verbal wit and a crazy explosion of physical comedy. […] Hurtling from character to character with breathtaking speed, Burgos evokes the spirits of some great comedians, from Charlie Chaplin and Jonathan Winters to Robin Williams. It’s the kind of show you don’t want to describe in too much detail, lest you spoil its surprises for others, and also the kind of show you want to see again immediately.”
Rochester City Newspaper

“truly magnificent … arrestingly mesmerizing … so devastatingly entertaining”
DC Metro Theater Arts

The Eulogy is a must-see … Death is sad, but The Eulogy is likely to make you cry with laughter.”
Adelaide Theatre Guide

“a comic gem … lovers of dark humor must rejoice … Burgos and his creation are fresh and new, for sure, but they share DNA with the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Sid Caesar.”
The Washington Post

The Eulogy is top fare … Burgos is multitalented; he can dance, sing, act, work the crowd and do impressions of linguistically challenged former presidents … The Eulogy is light-hearted, hilarious and deftly written … [Burgos] has crafted a story about death that’s subversive yet warmly human, funny but not mean-spirited … The Eulogy has my full recommendation.”
The Indianapolis Star

“Burgos can make you laugh heartily with a gesture, a look, a word.”
The Barefoot Review

The Lion’s Roar (2015)

Choreographed and danced by: Deepti Gupta (Member of Arzoo Dance Theatre)

Harmonium and voice by: Mushfiq Hashimi

Tabla by: Ashok Dutta

Deepti Gupta, a classical Indian dancer and choreographer, will bring you a glimpse of the complexity and beauty of South Asian dance and music. A gifted artist who now lives in Ottawa after many years in Toronto and then Delhi, Deepti has developed a strong solo program that includes a little bit of demonstration and discussion of the form, some highly stylized classical work and music, and then a more contemporary piece set to a commissioned score by Toronto composer Nick Storring. A treat for audiences, even if you’ve never seen this kind of dance before. Intriguing for musicians too: live music (tabla, harmonium, voice) will accompany much of this magical performance.

The Lion’s Roar is based on The Sutra of the Lion’s Roar of Queen Srimala, a Buddhist text written by Queen Srimala of the Kosala dynasty in the third century BC in central India. She became a great teacher of Buddhism and is known for her powerful and truthful method of speaking, which is known as the lion’s roar. The piece loosely depicts the journey of Queen Srimala as she battles with forces within and without her and ultimately reaches her true being as a spiritual teacher.

(for audiences 12+/60min/English)

Beaver Dreams (2016)

Directed by: Anne Lalancette

Produced by: Maggie Winston

Creator/clown/puppeteer: Maggie Winston

Clown/puppeteer: Rae-Anna Maitland

Sound design by: Kendal Zier

Animation and Media Design by: Molly Winston

Beaver Dreams tells a story about a family of beavers and a family of humans living in the heart of the Quebecois forest. The beavers go about their daily life; gnawing on wood and building dams. The humans try to go about their typical summer chalet activities; sun tanning on the dock, dancing in the moonlight. But when the dam raises the water level over the dock’s edge, there is a perpetual struggle between construction and destruction, between the animal and its adversaries. Both the beavers and the humans experience the same nightmare depicting commercial development that threatens their corner of paradise. What if the beavers thought the same as us?

(all audiences/50 min/Billingual) 


  The MainLine Theatre Creativity Award, Montréal
The Montréal le Festival de Clowns Award


Best Puppet Show, Victoria
Best Family Show, Victoria
Best English Production, Montréal
Big Things in Small Places, Montréal
Most Promising English Co., Montréal


“[Beaver Dreams] is nothing less than brilliant. Maggie Winston and Rae-Anna Maitland are two quirky, hilarious and ingenious puppeteer clowns. In their performance of Beaver Dreams, we see the span of several generations come and go from the family chalet in the Laurentian Mountains, Quebec. A beautiful use of bilingualism and story-telling that touches the heart and creates laugh out loud moments of pure joy. The duo effortlessly dealt with technical difficulties and unexpected moments, like when a beaver’s incisor tooth comes flying out into the audience, to which we all celebrated in laughter. Winston and Maitland love what they do, and it glows through their work, straight into our hearts. Anne Lalancette’s direction touches the details and guides the story from moment to moment, and her presence in the work does not go unnoticed. This show should not be missed, so pull up a log and wade into the waters for a good story.”
Kendall Savage, Montréal Festival of Clowns

Vancouver Fringe 2017

Victoria, BC Fringe 2017

London, ON Fringe

New Works Program:
The Trouble with Ninjas

By: Caitlin Oleson

Salvador is a mild-mannered policy analyst who believes in his work, hates his boss and might be in love with the new girl upstairs. Oh, and he’s being trailed by Ninjas!

After living in constant fear of them, Salvador finally seeks advice from an unlikely source — the office janitor. Through a series of soul-searching conversations and some comedic mishaps, he must find the courage to face his ninjas and take control of his life before it’s too late.

​Theatre Wakefield’s New Works Program continues to develop original scripts from Ottawa/Gatineau playwrights and playwrights-in-the-making. They receive guidance from well-known local actor/director/dramaturge Peter James Haworth, and over a process of months work through several drafts of their plays, considering structure, character, dialogue and other elements. Come hear the result!

(For audiences 12+/50 mins/English)

Community Barn Dance

Front Lawn at Centre Wakefield La Pêche

​Once upon a time, dances took place every weekend. We are fortunate to have a group of local musicians with a combined century of playing traditional music under their belts: Peter Andrée, Nathan Curry, and Brian Sanderson, who are delighted to play a dance on their home turf of the Centre Wakefield La Pêche. Emily Addison has studied the art of dance for years, and is excited about calling this dance. Come one, come all!

Of Mice and Morro and Jasp (2012)

Performed and created by: Heather Marie Annie and Amy Lee

Direction and dramaturgy By: Byron Laviolette

Clown direction by: John Turner of Mump and Smoot

​Morro and Jasp feel the pinch of the recent economic downturn and arts cuts and decide to make ends meet by tackling John Steinbeck’s classic tale. The desperate clown sisters seek to stick to the story but will they both make it out alive? Of Mice and Morro and Jasp spins Steinbeck’s classic tale into an interactive clown play.

(For all audiences/60 mins/English)

Production History

Manitoba Theatre for Young People, Winnipeg, Winter 2017
clownin Festival, Vienna, December 2015
The Great Hall/Bell TV, Toronto, April 2014
Factory Studio Theatre, Toronto, February 2014
Canadian Comedy Awards Festival, Ottawa, October 2013
Edmonton Fringe Festival, Edmonton, August 2012
Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Winnipeg, July 2012
Toronto Fringe Festival, Toronto, July 2012


“Outstanding New Play” “Outstanding Production” “Outstanding Ensemble” NOW Magazine 2012
“A delight from start to finish under Byron Laviolette’s direction, with an ending that’ll make you laugh and cry simultaneously.”
NOW Magazine

Named one of the Top Ten Toronto Theatre Productions of 2014 by the Globe and Mail
“Heather Marie Annis and Amy Lee have done a clown sister act as Morro and Jasp for ages, but they (and director Byron Laviolette) thickened their shtick with this lampoon of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. Funny and sweet, but it also cleverly skewered an underfunded theatre scene whose obsession with classics can make it tolerate old prejudices.”
Globe and Mail

“As enchanting as they are funny. They grabbed my attention by the throat the moment they came onstage singing for dimes with a pink ukulele, and kept me absorbed through to the…finale…Best thing I’ve seen at the Fringe.”
Edmonton Journal

“Unexpected charm and subtlety. The two work together flawlessly, recreating the story with their own brand of physical comedy and contemporary references…amidst the humour, the show is deeply touching and cathartic”
VUE Weekly

“Hilarious and endearing, Morro and Jasp manage to turn even the most disheartening of situations into a comical adventure. Filled with adorable props, well-timed literary references and audience participation, Of Mice and Morro and Jasp is a surprisingly moving interpretation of an American classic.”

“Morro and Jasp are the current rock stars of their field…their strongest performances yet…a brilliant take on the John Steinbeck novel…hilarious and poignant.”
“Best of Fringe 2012”

“They make Of Mice and Men twice as funny as it originally was…positively giggle-inducing… But what really makes Morro and Jasp shows click is the utter commitment Annis and Lee (with director Byron Laviolette) bring to their lovably innocent characters. The show’s aimed at adults, but it will bring out your gleeful inner kid”
“Outstanding Comedy Duo”

“As adept as ever at evoking real pathos through their hilarious antics…You’ll have to laugh at this show, even if you haven’t read Of Mice And Men, or barely remember it from your high school curriculum. Their dynamic is irresistibly engaging, and they are fantastic physical comedians…Get your tickets now, this show will sell out.”
Mooney on Theatre

“Such a magical, delightful, and surprising twist… theatre doesn’t get much better than this: it’s real, and full of artifice, and belly-laugh funny, and sad, and all about what’s visible, and all about what’s only implied.”

“A wonderful twist on the Depression-era novella… it brings a smile to everyone’s face and a tear to this reviewer’s eye. With performers like Morro and Jasp around, maybe life isn’t so tragical, after all.”
Rhymes with Dramaturg

“There are frequent big laughs and as always, watching Morro and Jasp interact with a game audience is a joy.”
Theatre Isn’t Dead

“Lots of fantastic moments (and also just the whole premise) keep me in constant awe of these theatre-makers.”
Around the World in 80 Plays

“Poignant and bitter-sweet… It’s a brilliant show: risky high-stakes work from two fine performers at the top of their game. The ending moved me to tears and laughter as these two so often do. I’m glad I went when I did because this show is certain to sell out.”
Sprockets and Greasepaint

“Bonafide Canadian starlets… perfect, hysterical and somehow incredibly moving…. Heather and Amy have created a comic team that is just about impossible to dislike”
The Visitorium

Are they Thinking of me?

In the Foyer

Written and performed by: Lesley Parlane

A Star is Born, written by: Elaine Endanawas

Are They Thinking of Me? is a lighthearted account of the life of an Indigenous adoptee from the 1980’s. Written and performed by Ottawa artist Lesley Parlane, with direction and dramaturgy by Bruce Naokwegijig, it is intertwined with a modern day legend written by Elaine Endanawas, Lesley’s close friend and adopted Grandma. Many of the show’s sketches were performed separately in a spoken word/storytelling context over several years; this year, she approached the Debajehmujig Creation Centre with the idea of using these pieces as a foundation for her show. Over the last few months, Lesley worked with Debaj staff to develop her script and stage her first one woman show. Join her on this playful journey as she moves through mistakes and discoveries to ultimately reclaim her history and culture.

(For audiences 12+/60min/English)

Ian Tamblyn and Friends

Photo credi: Suzanne Gibeault

Ian has been involved since the beginning in Janet Irwin’s theatre adaptation of Brian Doyle’s book, Up to Low. Invited to wear several hats for the show — music director, composer and musician — his contribution spanned several years and venues: an early version was performed up the line in Brennan’s Hill, it was further developed for a run at Ottawa’s Arts Court Theatre. Its fully produced National Arts Centre debut this past spring got big audiences and great reviews. For TaDa!’s final performance of 2018, Ian reprises many of the songs he wrote (along with some of the traditional songs he didn’t!) with artists/musicians from the play. While he’s at it, he returns to some of our favourite songs from the Gatineau Trilogy, those summer plays full of regional history and saucy vignettes that have been such a hit here in our region. The artists appearing with Ian include Megan Carty, Doreen Taylor Claxton, Ellen Daly, Pat Maher, Rob McCart, Paul Rainville, Jill Rick, Matt Selic, and Sheena Turcotte. Join us at the Black Sheep Inn for two hours of great music and fun, as we close the TaDa! Festival in style!