About Us

Since 2002, Theatre Wakefield has developed arts and culture in the Lower Gatineau Valley.

Theatre Wakefield presents a variety of programs for all ages ranging from training workshops to heritage projects that provide professional learning, personal development opportunities… and fun too!

We produce main-stage performances, dramatic readings, heritage animation projects, the Ta Da! Performing Arts Festival, various hosted productions and a variety of training workshops. Our focus is on community theatre but we are continually embracing new artistic genres in response to community interest.

Theatre Wakefield provides excellent opportunities for local artists to perform and for technical people, from producers and directors to stage crew, to develop their skills.

Our organization plays a key role in Wakefield’s lively culture of volunteerism. Our robust pool of volunteers and members are the heart of Theatre Wakefield. They are involved in all aspects of operations and activities, from board management to Theatre Wakefield productions.

We thrive because of these enormous contributions of presence, labour and creativity year after year. In 2023, our Big La Pêche Puppet Project saw the participation and gifts of 175 members of the community! We are dedicated to creating a rewarding and rich volunteer experience for everyone and are eager to engage with persons interested in serving. Get involved!

If theatre is indeed a mirror we hold up to our world, then Theatre Wakefield is truly a reflection of the passion and dedication of our community. Thank you all so very much.

Theatre Wakefield’s primary home for performances and events is at Centre Wakefield La Peche , in beautiful Wakefield, Québec located 25 minutes north of Ottawa, Ontario. Theatre Wakefield also holds events at a variety of additional venues in Wakefield and Chelsea, including Maison Fairbairn House, La Fab and Place des Artistes de Farrellton. 

Theatre Wakefield is an incorporated not-for-profit community organization.

Mission & Vision

Theatre Wakefield initiates, promotes and supports the creation of community-based arts and culture in La Pêche, the Outaouais, across Québec, and internationally.

Theatre Wakefield is for the community, by the community. We strive to use the performing arts to bring people of all ages together, provide opportunities for young and emerging artists and support the creative economy of La Pêche and its residents. We work with artists and community groups to create collaborative, community-focused arts programming and festivals. Across everything we do, Theatre Wakefield is committed to producing diverse and inclusive art and serves as a catalyst for community creation.

Board of Directors

  • Ilka DeLaat
  • Cathy Edwards
  • Janet LeRoy
  • Dawn Moore
  • David Park
  • Colin Rousseaux
  • Laura Stafford

Directors’ terms are renewed each year at the Annual General Meeting. The by-laws allow for a minimum of five and a maximum of twelve directors. If you are interested in joining our board, we would love to hear from you.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

First and foremost, we believe in community. When you work with us, either as an artist, participant or employee, you join a community that is vibrant, inclusive, welcoming and safe.

We seek to create and produce work that comes directly from the Gatineau Hills and speaks to the issues we face, locally and globally. It is imperative that we create a safe space for artists, participants and audience members alike. As an organization, we are committed to upholding these safe spaces.

We believe that EVERYONE has the right to create works in a safe place where they are welcomed and respected. We believe in and support people who have experienced harassment, violence or discrimination.  See our Respectful Workplace Commitment or, for more details, our Harassment Policy.

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