Saturday 25 March 2023

You walk into a room.
DO YOU: Stop yourself, thinking others are more deserving?
OR: Smile with confidence, thinking, I got this!

Using the Arts to Increase Our Assets

This FREE interactive workshop will help you create a positive attitude and put it into practice. Learn how to model diversity and inclusion by stripping away expectations that don’t belong to you, while being culturally responsible.

Participation in a series of visceral and embodied exercises will help you:

– uncover who you are and what has been invisible;
– attract people not currently part of your community; and
– discover what has been missing to increase your capacity.

Workshop facilitator Farah Fancy has for over 30 years been using creativity and the arts to reveal and resolve barriers to equity; fostering professional and personal development, while improving belonging and sparking innovation. As a certified Embodied Social Justice practitioner, Farah focuses on identity, respect, resilience, and empathy to decolonize behaviours so we can dare to be audaciously visible and aligned beings. She currently serves as a Program Officer for the Canada Council for the Arts.

You MUST register for this FREE workshop (especially if you want lunch!)