The Big La Pêche Puppet Project!

A message from Mary Ellen MacLean, Artistic Director/Playwright/Director for The Big La Pêche Puppet Project

This project has been a joy and an adventure to be involved in from the beginning idea hatched by Roberta Lloyd to the performances. How a story comes from our imagination and then materializes into music, art, theatre, puppetry is a mystery to me. A beautiful happening occurs. Often in the creation, the work takes on its own life with surprises along the way.

Many hearts created this story, the puppets, the music – a true collaboration from grant writing to playwriting to the workshop with Canadian Academy of Mask and Puppetry/Old Trout Puppet Workshop to creating puppets with the artists at Place des artistes de Farrellton (PAF) to rehearsals to gathering the puppets, cast, choir, musicians, volunteers all together, with you the audience, to be part of this special show. Many thanks to all the volunteers that made this project possible and to all the community members who helped build the puppets.

The story reminds us that we are all connected through difficult times and joyful times. How art, theatre, storytelling, comedy, nature, relationships and friendships all bring us together.

This tale is for everyone – young and old. It’s full of magic, fun and it’s a reminder to stay connected like the roots of the trees in the forest. Trees have been here on Mother Earth a very long time. They hold knowledge. Let’s take care of them. Keep telling stories.

Welcome all to The Big La Pêche Puppet Project!

Mary Ellen

Production Team

Artists, Designers, Lead Puppet Makers

(who guided the puppet-making)

… and special thanks to dozens more puppet-makers! 

We are grateful beyond words to all the members of the community, of all ages, who attended our public puppet-making workshops at Place des artistes de Farrellton. This show would not have been possible without your willingness to learn and determination. Thank you!


Additional puppeteers include:

  • Finley Douglas Drake (Tree pole/Moon/various)
  • Eliza Douglas Drake (Acorn/Tree Pole/various)
  • Hazel Kirvan (Acorn/Tree Pole/various)
  • Mae Leavoy-Moore (Acorn/Tree Pole/various)
  • Noelle Walsh, a retired teacher and founding member of the La Pêche Global Forest.
  • Beatrice Gaudet (Acorn) is in Grade 4 at Wakefield Elementary school.
  • Rosemary Millar-Bunch (Acorn) is a Grade 4 student at Wakefield Elementary.


Florence Hamel, Jasper and Jenson Smith, Lizeth and Stefan Rodriquez, Floriane Zamora, Pippa and Finlay Murchison, Annaliese, Julian and Ciarán MacLean, Rosie and Charlie, Robin and Glynn Haultain, Gemma, Emmett and Avery, Hazel. 

Thanks to our amazing volunteers: 

Ali Talib, Alison Scott, Andrea Rowe, Barbara, Calixa & Cathy Edwards, Cayla Chenier, Chris Corcoran,Diane Lemire, Gillian Kirkland, Isabel Stramwasser, Isla Rattray, Kathleen Cummings,Krystyna Zadrag-Gil, Linda Daugherty, Lisa Van Buren, Lynn Barwin, Mary Faught, Pam Scobie,Peter Gillies, Rosande Bellaar, Stéphan Marier and Sue Gravel.

Graphic Design/Posters: Alison Scott


We are grateful to the following for their support and contributions: 

Les Trois Érables; Rachel Paul/Great Gatsby It’s Murder!; The Meredith Centre; David Lane, Pete Balkwill and Nan Baldwin of the Canadian Academy of Mask and Puppetry (as dramaturges); Place des Artistes de Farrellton; Kateri Saumure; Fairbairn Heritage House Centre; Wendy Katherine and Open Skyridge Studio.


And finally, we gratefully acknowledge the support of our funders, who made this show possible:

Department of Canadian Heritage
MRC des Collines de l’Outaouais
Municipality of La Pêche


Revenue from ticket sales for The Big La Pêche Puppet Project (less Eventbrite fees and sales taxes) is being donated to the La Pêche Global Forest – Seeds and Saplings Network.